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Trivia Rework, Bug Fixes / QOL

Posted by Jonny, Sun, 29 Mar 2020 10:38:34 +0000

Hello, This update is mainly a bunch of QOL / bug fixes with a few minor additions to the game. We will be releasing an April developer blog soon with a bunch of information about what is to come soon.   Trivia Rework The entire trivia system has been completely reworked! There are 4 possible winners: 1st to answer = gets 10 points 2nd to answer = gets 7 points 3rd to answer = gets 5 points 4th to answer = gets 2 points There is now a trivia genie at home where you can spend your points: If you had points from the old trivia system you can also spend them here.   Quality of Life Cyclonic reaper has been nerfed 10% Administrator rank updates: Administrators can now drop items / trade Administrators can now spawn the stream boss You can now use any custom partyhat on a demonlord attachment to get a demonlord partyhat that has 80% drop rate Custom partyhats are: Sky, Pink, Lava, Shadowlord, Black Predator gloves and light sabers have been added to the item list. Dragon claws will no longer announce globally as a drop Mewtwo updates: ...

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