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Zionic Archer Global Boss, Raids 2 Goodiebags, QOL/Bugs

Posted by Jonny, Tue, 26 May 2020 11:24:49 +0000

Hello everyone, In this update we are releasing Zionic Archer into the game.   Zionic Archer A new global boss has spawned in Apollo. He will spawn every 30 minutes in various cities. The range armour he drops is second best in slot.   Space Predator Changes Space predator is now a regular boss instead of a global boss. You can find space predator in the boss teleports. In addition to being made a regular boss, his drop rate has been slightly increased.   Raids 2 Goodiebags  A new goodiebag for each type of raids armour has been added into the game (3 total). You can buy these goodiebags on the store for $10 each, or you can obtain them directly from the Raids 2 chest.   Each goodiebag has different loot, depending on the type of bag. It also has generic loot that is the same in each bag.   Cyclonic Set - Coming Soon I am working on coming up with a way to put this item into the game where it makes sense with our progression system... maybe new Cyclonic warriors?   Other Updates Dragonrage wings have been nerfed .75% drop rate, and will no longer display in...

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