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Galaxy Island Update! (1/20/2020)

Posted by Frimb, Tue, 21 Jan 2020 18:04:33 +0000

Apollo server update 1/20/2020! Huge shoutout to Jonny and Frimb for making us some very awesome new content! All updates included in this post were done by them, so make sure you tell them how amazing they're doing!!!   Hey Apollo, Redbull here with another guide, this time for Galaxy Island! With today's update, 1/20/2020, Apollo has released a brand new minigame! Galaxy Island!  1st things 1st, lets see how we get there! There are multiple way to access the new island. 1st option is to go to the Global Teleports , click the minigame's tab, and then on Galaxy Island! 2nd Option is to go to the Global teleports , click the bosses tab, and then you'll find all 4 bosses located here. Once you arrive here, you'll notice there are 4 different bosses you'll need to take on! Every boss will drop Gigantic Bones, some 1b tickets, and a chance at receiving one of four keys for the chests in the middle! 1st Boss: Dragonrage He drops the Keyblade (Dragonrage)  2nd Boss: Star of the Galaxy She drops the Keyblade (Star)  3rd Boss: Matrix Wizard He drops the Keyblade (matrix)  4th Boss: Galatic Warrior...

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